Поддржано од Европска Унија

Become potter in 5 days

Become potter in 5 days


Wonderful opportunity to meet and partly to learn the basic techniques and skills for beautiful and rare craft – Pottery and only for 5 days. The initial skills of a potter’s wheel, through various techniques, to final product decorated by their desire that remains as a memorial. In the meantime, visit the wonderful historic sites and national restaurants in Skopje offering an unforgettable experience.
• Time of the tour: 5 nights / 6 days
• Group: 6 people
• Schedule: 3 days in advance

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• Food: Not required to have sandwiches
• Drink: not necessary to carry water
• Clothing: no special preparations
• Condition: designed for all
• Transportation: van / foot
The price includes:
• 5 nights in a hotel with 3 stars
• Breakfast, lunch, dinner
• 5 days training in pottery workshop
• All tickets for visiting sites
• Each meal includes two alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks
The price does not include
• All leisure activities outside the program


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