Поддржано од Европска Унија

Adventure in the land of the Bogomils

Adventure in the land of the Bogomils


The “AZOT” region located in central Macedonia, close to the town of Veles, is a pristine mountain semi-wilderness of dramatic scenery and forest, with a rich and little known history. The Bogumil movement once caused a sensation throughout Europe and rocked the foundations of the established Church, both Catholic and Orthodox. The tale of the rise of the Bogumils and their philosophy is now little known, except in this remote region where their stories and traditions still survive. This small group tour offers guests the chance to learn something of this amazing story from the descendants of the first Bogumils.

Back in the Tenth century, the people of this region began to challenge the hierarchical teachings of the all-powerful Christian church, and its support for a feudal system which benefited a few, Kings, Lords and Churchmen, at the expense of common people. Bogumil philosophy argued that ‘all were equal before God’, a radical idea which lead to major changes in church life throughout Europe. An idea which would eventually change world history. Today in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, South Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia and Asia Minor recognized as traces of this movement survive in the histories of the: Katari, Patareni, Albigoici, Baboons, Kutuger, kastrati and Fundait movements, all of which developed from the ‘Bogumils’.

• Time of the tour: 3 days
•Price per person
• Group: 8 people
• Schedule: 5 days in advance

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In Central Macedonia region “Azot” 40 km away from the town of Veles is а pure mountain idyll with beautiful landscapes and rich 10th century’s history. The historic event, “movement of the Bogomils” is something that began in the region. Many proven facts, stories, legends and toponyms in places Village of Bogomil, mountain and river Babuna undoubtedly confirm that.
Three days tour brings you back to history in 1st century.
• Group: up to 8 people
• Food: provided
• Drink: provided
• Clothing: sports / mountain / hot
• Condition: moderate / high
• Transportation: Jeep / car / foot

The price includes:
• Two nights in Villa in Peshti
• Two breakfasts
• Two lunches
• Two dinners
• Catering, Chef
• Invent in village Papradishte
• The Baptism in the river Babuna
• Chalgija
• Transportation, drivers
• Mountain tourguides
• Tickets for etnomuseum v.Bistrica
• Priest + dining room Teovo



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