Поддржано од Европска Унија



The organizer of the trip ensures implementation of the arrangement according to the description of the program. The contents of the arrangement will be fulfilled as described, except in case of impact of “force majeure”, which could not be predicted (war, terrorism, strike, natural disasters, traffic and technical problems to transport, or similar).




Booking-contract for the travel is done until all places are filled, with the advance payment of the cost assigned to each program. Booking can be made in Ekoturist.mk, and other agencies authorized to sell its programs. When booking the traveler pays in advance the full price of the arrangement. If the traveler decides to cancel the trip the expenses will be paid according to clause 6 “Cancelation of the trip’’. When booking, the traveler signs an application agreement with a statement – I declare that I am familiar with the program and the General Conditions of Travel, and I fully accept them, which than, becomes a legal obligation for the organizer and the traveler. Also by booking with us you agree to receive periodical newsletters and special offers by email. 




Prices for all tours are published in Euros, and are automatically converted to Denars according to currency exchange market regulations. Any request for additional services means additional payments. The organizer reserves the right to change the price of the arrangement in case of change of prices of hotels, transport and other services, as well as in the case of changes in the exchange market. The increasing of the price up to 10% does not require the consent of the traveler (calculated on the rest of the payment).

If In the period of 5 days the traveler does not present a written form, informing the organizer of cancelation of the trip, it is considered that the traveler accepted the new price.



The organizer has the right to change the program (in duration or content) in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances which could not be predicted, avoided or removed. The traveler has the right of a refund of the amount of unrealized services. In rare cases when there is no possibility for accommodation in the booked facility, for technical reasons or for reasons beyond the organizers control, the organizer will accommodate the travelers with accommodation of the same or higher category at no charge.

Occasionally, it may prove necessary for us to cancel arrangements, for example, due to lack of support making the arrangement economically non-viable (all our trips operate subject to a minimum number of participants). If we have to do so, other than due to your default in payment, we will offer you the choice of purchasing an alternative arrangement of comparable standard if available (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) or a full refund of all money paid to us. In addition if we are forced to cancel your arrangement we will notify you 30 days before the departure or at the earliest and reasonably possible date from your booking date past your 30 days, except where the cancellation is made as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care.

If you wish to cancel your holidays or accept a reasonable alternative we offer you as a result of a significant change, you must tell us within the time mentioned when we notify you about the significant change or if no time limit is mentioned, within 14 days of our notification. If you do not do so, we are entitled to assume that you wish to accept the new arrangements.



The traveler may at any time cancel the trip and it should do so in written form. The date of the written notice of cancellation is the basis for calculation and payment of cancellation fees (in terms of the basic price of the arrangement), according to the following scale:

If the traveler changes the date of departure for the same arrangement at least 15 days before the date of a confirmed departure, if possible, the organizer will make changes of the booking and will only charge handling fees in the amount of 50 € / EUR after the rebooking.

In the case of the traveler canceling the arrangement before the trip, for reasons he could not predict, avoid or eliminate (illness, injury or death in the immediate family, natural disaster or similar) on the basis of a valid certificate from the authorized authorities, the cancellation fees scale (clause 6 “Cancelation of the trip’’) is not applicable, but its only required to pay the costs resulting from the cancellation of the arrangement, made by the organizer who is otherwise obliged to pay without right to refund.

If a traveler wants further insurances for the above – unforeseen reasons for cancellation of the arrangement, incurred between signing the contract for travel to the beginning of the trip, we recommend acquiring travel insurance from Insurance Company.

If the traveler cancels the arrangement after beginning of the trip (during the trip or during the stay in the place of travel) due to events that are a result of the impact of “force majeure” (military events, terrorist acts, natural disasters, accidents or so) that neither the traveler nor the organizers could anticipate, avoid or eliminate, the organizer bears no responsibility nor liability for refund of unrealized services, unless the final provider of the services performs and accepts the same reimbursement.

For cancellation of 30 days or more: 25%

For cancellation from 29 to 15 days: 50%

For cancellation from 14 to 01: 90%

For cancellation from 01: 100% and If the traveler does not show up or cancels the arrangement at the date of its launch, the organizer will charge the full amount of the arrangement, i.e. 100%



The organizer is obliged to take care for the realization of services and the choice of the perpetrator of the services with attention of a good organizer, and with care for the interests of travelers in accordance with professional principles in tourism. The organizer is obliged to allow the traveler all the services listed for an individual arrangement in the program and is responsible for the eventual failure of providing of the service or part of the services. The organizer excludes any liability in case of change and failure of providing of the services caused by the effect of “force majeure” and the delay of the transportation methods for which the carrier is not responsible under the applicable regulations and international conventions.

The organizer of the trip does not accept any responsibility if the diplomatic or consular mission refuses issuance of entry visa or delay in issuing the visa, or if the emigration services of a foreign country do not approve the entry of a traveler, nor for any other consequences due to possible invalidity or loss of travel documents of travelers. In these cases the traveler himself, pays the additional fees.



The traveler is obliged to ensure that his documents and items are eligible according to the border, customs, health and other regulations of his country and the country of travel, to observe the house rules in hospitality and hotel facilities and vehicles, and cooperate with the representative /companion of the perpetrator and the organizers of services in good faith. In case of violation of these obligations, the traveler is liable to the organizer for the damages.

Travelers who violate the order in the premises or vehicles may be removed from the arrangement. The traveler is obliged to possess a valid passport and inform the organizer of a need of visa for the country of travel (or countries through which he transits) and to ensure that there is time for acquiring the same. The traveler is obliged to inform himself of the foreign currency and customs regulations in his country and the countries that he is traveling. The traveler is obliged for his personal belongings including documents, cash and personal luggage for the whole trip.





The traveler is obliged to get accustomed to the transportation and its realization according to the rules and regulations.

Transport of travelers by air is governed by international rules of air traffic and the rules of the airline company which in some instances maybe hired by the organizer of the trip. For all air travel by scheduled flights it is considered the travelers are flying in economy class. In case of changing the scheduled time of departure by the airline and the flight delay, the organizer of the trip does not bear responsibility for any consequences caused by delay. In this case, the organizer will continue with the trip schedule.

Disagreement of personal data provided to the organizer of the trip with the data of the passport of the traveler (such as giving abbreviated and incomplete names by the traveler) is often a reason for issuing a new ticket, with extra costs that are borne by the traveler or making the ticket invalid during the trip, that can have serious consequences for the travelers. The traveler is responsible for his ticket from the moment he gets it from the guide at the airport or an officer of the agency. There is no opportunity for issuing of another copy of the ticked, nor the boarding card. The traveler fully bears the consequences of their loss or loss during the trip.




The bus transportation and bus transfers are performed with standard tourist buses according to the regulations and criteria that apply in countries where the bus carrier is registered which is hired by the organizer of the trip. As a rule, no advance scheduling of seats is available to travelers, or set way of changing seats per day during the journey by bus. An exception may be some bus trips, and in such cases this journey is regulated by a special provision in the program of travel. In case of delay of the bus due to weather conditions, exceptional traffic conditions, malfunctioning of the same etc. the organizer of the trip bears no responsibility for any resulting delays.




(Purely intended for advise of Macedonia Holidays and Tours customers, for assistance with your baggage allowances or regulations, please contact your carrier).

The traveler is entitled to a baggage allowance of 15 kg for charter flights and 20 kg for regular flights. In charter bus transport, the free baggage allowance is a travel bag (20 kg) per traveler. For every kilo or an extra bag over the allowance, the traveler is charged depending on the destination of the trip. Children under 2 years, in flight transportation and children, who do not pay the bus fare, have a baggage allowance in accordance with international rules. As luggage, it is not allowed entry of merchandise, food, beverages, drugs, narcotics, chemicals and other flammable tools, weapons, animals, plants, containers and similar items. It is the traveler responsibility to be present when placing and taking the baggage out of the vehicle. During the implementation of the arrangement of travel the traveler is responsible to take care of his luggage. Therefore we recommend that before the trip takes place, the traveler acquires Travel Insurance with luggage insurance through an insurance company. The organizer is not liable for destroyed or lost luggage, as well as lost luggage and valuables during the stay in the hotel (we recommend renting a safe box at the hotel reception).




The traveler is obliged to inform himself at the competent medical institution to comply with health regulations for travel to certain countries (need for a vaccine or health document). In case of illness or accident during the actual arrangement, the costs of treatment or possible medical interventions are paid by the traveler. Therefore we recommend that before the beginning of the trip the traveler acquires Travel Insurance, through an Insurance company at the country of origin.




If the traveler-renter has not agreed on a room / apartment with special features, he will accept any officially registered room / apartment accommodation in the agreed facility, described in the tour offer. If possible, the organizer will try to address the additional requirements of the occupant (comfort, orientation of room, floor, etc.) but cannot guarantee the fulfillment of that requirement. Usually the check-in in the rooms is from 2:00 pm and check-out is by 10:00 am (if not otherwise stated by the house rules).




In case of a defective or low quality performance of services, the traveler is entitled to adequate compensation, only if accompanied by a written complaint to the organizer. Each traveler – holder (signee) of the contract has the right of appeal based on the agreed service that was not provided. The organizer will not accept submitting a complaint of a group of holders based on same complaint.

Procedure for filing a complaint – The complaint for the inadequate service should be made right on the spot with the representative of the organizer, or if he/she is not available than the complaint should be made with the provider of the service. The traveler is obliged to cooperate with the representative and the service provider in good faith, so the reasons for the complaint can be resolved. If the traveler does not accept the proposed solution to the complaint on the spot, which corresponds to the paid service, the organizer will not accept the additional claims of the traveler and will not act in response to it:

– If the reason for the complaint is not resolved, the traveler and the representative shall prepare a written complaint (report).

– Not later than 8 days after completion of the arrangement, the traveler submits a written complaint to the point of sale where he paid the arrangement, and submits the written confirmation (report) signed by the representative and any receipts for additional costs. The organizer will receive in procedure only fully documented complaints filed in the stated period of 8 days.

– The organizer is required to issue a written decision within 14 days of receipt of the complaint, at the point of sale. The organizer may postpone the date of the decision of the appeal for receiving complete information and verification of these claims with the providers of these services. The organizer will address only those claims for which the reason for their occurrence could not be removed at the place of occurrence.

– Until the organizer does not make a decision on the complaint, the traveler waives the mediation of any other person, court proceedings or providing information to the media. Any failure of the buyer-traveler to do the same or breach of the ongoing procedure with any activity mentioned or not, will give the cause for rejection of these complaints, termination of the ongoing procedure and filing a complaint before the competent authorities by the organizers for damage recovery and impaired reputation in public.

– The highest fee on the complaint can reach an amount up to the amount of the objected services, but it cannot include services already used and the total amount of the arrangement. This excludes the right of the buyer for recovery of “Ideal Damages.”



In accordance with clause 13th of these conditions, the purchaser of services from the certain program has the right to complain to the organizer of the trip. If the buyer is not satisfied with the decision of the organizer he has the right to request additional arbitration and opinion by the Court of Honor by the competent Court in Republic of Macedonia


“This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Project Partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.”;

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